What are IT Managed Services?

Done well, managed IT services support model makes technology work without interruption. Safe, stable computing platform that drives an organization to higher productivity and efficiency.

Let’s face it, whose business can operate without technology anymore. The computer network is the vascular systems of a business, facilitating all parts of an organization to transform materials and effort into cash. Great technology can transform a business, pushing it to new levels of competitive performance.

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MotherG has developed a managed IT services support model that goes beyond removing hassles, noise, issues from your technology. We make technology a partner to your business.

Are you good? Some business leaders we talk to think their systems are good enough, choosing to focus on the “real” areas of their operation that deliver value. Ask yourself:

  • Is it OK if your production line is just “good enough?”
  • Is it OK if your products are just “good enough?”
  • Is your service or staff just “good enough?”

Of course not!  So why settle for technology that is just “good enough” when you can have great technology – for less money and effort! Great technology lowers costs, identifies productivity improvements, drives innovation, and increases profits. 

"MotherG makes the IT part of my job easy!"

-Rick S..

Our Managed IT Services include:

System Administration.

Your very own technical expert, a NetAdmin, who is responsible for keeping your technology infrastructure safe, stable and secure. You have regularly scheduled visits where we apply our comprehensive Best practices to stabilize your systems and prevent problems before they disrupt your users and the businesses’ operations.

24x7 Help Desk.

Immediate action to your problems, 24x7. Our very patient and caring tech team provides timely IT support. They are ready to jump on your problems to get you back in the game as fast and comfortably as possible. Deep technical skills packaged in friendly, patient and caring people.

24x7 Central Monitoring and Management.

Every moment – day and night – your systems are monitored for uptime and performance, security threats and data protection faults. We are watching your systems to keep them running at all times. Keep your business safe. We are patching and scanning for viruses and malware. We are applying the updates to all your software to keep you running smoothly, and without disruption.

Strategic Consulting and Guidance.

Your business cannot function for very long without technology. Keeping it running is not enough. Your very own vCIO will guide you to ensure the systems in place meet the needs of the business now and for the next few years. You’ll have a plan and budget, know what opportunities exist for improvement, and what areas will need attention. No more emergency surprises costing thousands of dollars and days of interruption.

Project Delivery.

Your technology will need periodic updates and migrations. You’ll want new solutions. You’ll see some great new technologies. You want an IT support team who knows and understands not only the technology but your technology and the unique operational considerations of your business. Our technical experts work with your Net Admin to ensure we design and deploy new and upgraded technology without disrupting your business operations.

"MotherG was able to assist me in meeting a very important deadline for my client. We have a grateful client thanks to MotherG's IT services and diligent efforts. It’s nice to have an IT managed services provider that knows their stuff and is always willing to go the extra mile."

-Andy G.

How Does It Work?

There is no mysticism to excellent technology delivered with friendly, knowledgeable people. It takes hard work, great people, excellent tools, and well fashioned, proven best practices delivered in consistent processes.

Great People.

Our engineers approach issues in a holistic fashion, ensuring not just that problems are solved or prevented, but that we care about the user experience, making their day a little better. They might be worried about their work, or even their job. We know that the faster we fix their issue, the sooner they are back to work. MotherG recruits and trains our team members as much for cultural fit as we do on technical expertise.

Excellent Tools.

Knowledgeable staff need excellent tools to arrive at great results. Excellent tools help solve problems quickly, help deploy preventative measures more easily, and provide the needed monitors to detect and mitigate challenges. MotherG has selected the best tools to enable our team to consistently deliver a great technology experience, every day, to every user, every client.

Best Practices.

These are proven techniques to delivering a great result. We have blended the best industry practices with our extensive experience in enterprise technology support establishing excellent practices for our team to be trained and execute for our clients. These Best Practices range from server maintenance, to problem remediation, to training and education of team and user alike.


Our support is deliberately planned to be consistent in approach and results. We focus on continuously perfecting the processes we follow to result in the fastest, finest solutions to the technology challenges faced. Proactive management, maintenance, problem intervention, end user support, training, comprehensive reporting, guidance, planning, strategy. All aspects of the above ingredients come together as an overall support framework that just cannot be easily replicated.

How Does Great Technology Cost Less?

Great technology provides visibility to operational improvements by transforming data into decisional information. New processes result in faster, higher quality operations.

It creates opportunities for new solutions that deliver faster, more accurate answers to the pressing questions the leadership needs to beat the competition, and dominate markets. Users are focused on their jobs, not the hassles of flakey, slow computers, viruses, downtime. More so, they have the tools that make their jobs easier, better, faster.

MotherG makes technology the partner to the entire organization.