Tim Gross

Position | Lead Centralized Services Engineer, Chicago

Tim Gross - Fun

I grew up in a small family (only child) in the south suburb of Chicago called Calumet City. From there, attended Lincoln-Way East high school in the SW burbs, and continued my education at Northern Illinois University where I received my BS in Organizational Management. Instead of pursuing a masters, I decided my talents were best served in the technology field.

Even in my spare time, I’m still playing around with technology—I always have to have the latest and greatest gadgets. Aside from video games and fixing things, I would consider learning my hobby, and have an interest in all things science. Also play around with a guitar occasionally.

I enjoy hanging out with friends and family on the weekends. As for pets, I have two cats that are apathetic to my existence.

My favorite thing about MotherG? Cohesiveness of the Team

My Favorite hobby is: Gaming/Music

My favorite place to eat? My House

My favorite place to travel? So far… Florence, Italy

My most exciting experience is: Skydiving

My favorite movie of all time is: The Fifth Element

If I could be any one, I would be: Richard Branson

Funniest thing that ever happened to me: Not sure…I suppose once I fell down some icy stairs AS I was telling others to be careful not to slip.

The most surprising thing I have ever done: Went backpacking in Europe when I was 20 with zero plans for accommodations or anything.  Just got there and figured it out as we went along…

The most terrifying experience: Again, Skydiving.

Secretly, I… Hate telling people about myself.

My favorite place in Chicagoland, or thing about Chicago: Best food in the world.