Sam Ali

Position | Senior Systems Architect/Engineer, Chicago

Sam Ali Starved Rock - FUN

I grew up on the east coast, west coast and the Midwest. Out of all the places I’ve lived, I really enjoy Chicago. I love Chicago sports and I’m a huge Bears & White Sox fan. Of course, I love our Blackhawks and once in a while I’ll give some props to the Cubs. I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids doing outdoor activities and watching movies. I really enjoy flight and the overall aspects about it. I also have an interest in astronomy. I love technology and everything about it, I try and keep up with the latest of gadgets and enjoy setting them up, using and showing them off of course. I also have an interest in automobiles and working on engines, I’m helping a good friend of mine on a 65 Mustang rebuild (lots of fun). I enjoy relaxing and having a good time with friends and family.

My favorite thing about MotherG? The people & our culture

My Favorite hobby is: Flight Simulation

My favorite place to eat? Minami Sushi

My favorite place to go? My Lazyboy

My favorite place to travel? Mexico

My most exciting experience is: My first new born

My favorite movie of all time is: Scarface

If I could be any one, I would be: Bill Gates

The most terrifying experience: When my 3 old son wandered off in a huge July 4th fireworks event.

Secretly, I… Want to live on an island

My favorite place in Chicagoland, or thing about Chicago: Our sports teams