JoAnn Larsen

Position | Director of Operations, Chicago

JoAnn Larsen- Fun

Growing up I was quite a tom-boy. I had 3 newspaper routes, played many sports, and was my dad’s biggest helper. I have held the same job for over 26 years even going through 2 company sales. I enjoyed playing soccer and softball well into my 30’s & 40’s and loved coaching my son’s baseball team for 8 years. Now I enjoy attending all my son’s baseball, football and basketball games. My daughter and granddaughter are over often and we enjoy the park and walking the dogs

My favorite thing about MotherG? The Great People

My Favorite hobby is: Hiking

My favorite place to eat? Anywhere but home

My favorite place to go? The mountains

My favorite place to travel? Anywhere the mountains are

My most exciting experience is: Coaching at Cooperstown

My favorite movie of all time is: Phantom of the Opera

If I could be any one, I would be: ME

Funniest thing that ever happened to me: Accidentally went into the men’s room and before realizing it I thought there was a man in the womens room.

The most surprising thing I have ever done: On a stage in front of 1000’s I ate fire.

The most terrifying experience: Walked on fire

Secretly, I… Love to sing

My favorite place in Chicagoland, or thing about Chicago: Starved Rock (Ottawa)