Glenn Thompson

Position | vCIO / Mother VoIP, Chicago

Glenn Thompson - Fun

I was born and started my schooling years in Park Ridge (which was quite different “back then.” Not at all the Park Ridge of today). When I was in Junior High, my father gave up his career as Art Director for Walgreens Corp. and bought a small dairy farm near Appleton, Wisconsin. We learned to milk cows from an old book we found and for the following decade or so we were the neighborhood City-Farmers. Being the youngest of three, and the last hired-hand still at home, when I went off to college, it was decided to sell the farm.

That was quite some time ago; years enough to immerse myself in multiple careers. The first half of my professional life, I spent in fine jewelry. After covering roles in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, gemologist/appraiser and finally, estate jeweler, I tired of the industry and the direction it was heading. This brand new thing, “eBay” was changing it all. But I had a new interest. The years of selling jewelry into the new internet space grew my interests in technology. So, after some consideration I went back to school, got my Microsoft Engineer certifications (MCSE, MCP) then started looking for a job.

Lucent gave me my first chance in my new career and I spent the next many years selling phone systems. Our company partnered with Cisco to help them market a new concept for this data company Voice over IP. This was brand new for the Mega-Giant and they DID need help. Cisco understood data technology very well, but they didn’t know phones. The simplest of features were a challenge and it was our job to help guide them into the market. Last I saw, they’d accomplished this pretty well.

VoIP offered me a step back into the data side of technology and back to my educational roots. Since then, I have been sort of a liaison between voice technologies and data technologies; translating bits and bytes to the punch-block set, while communicating handset-ology to the geek-scene. Today, it’s all one big happy family with very few engineers who don’t understand at least a subset of each; voice and data.

Which segways to my current happy family – MotherG. For the past 5 years I’ve advised and helped guide our clients through their growth, restructuring, uplifts, centralization, cloudification, and of course, communication. Here at MotherG, I can utilize both voice and data equally; we do both very well. Now if I can get Dave to bring in a few cases of vintage estate jewelry, maybe a Holstein milker or two, I’ll have gone full circle, or woke up in the Twilight Zone. Doo-doo-doo-doo, Doo-doo-doo-doo.

My favorite thing about MotherG? The team. Not even one bad apple.

My favorite place to eat? Home. Restaurants are too often disappointments

My favorite place to go? Backcountry- Out of mobile phone range

My favorite place to travel? Moab Region or Joshua Tree Natl Park

My most exciting experience is: Yet to come

My favorite movie of all time is: I like many movies, but only once. Twice becomes boring.

If I could be any one, I would be: A firefighter or Park Ranger

The most surprising thing I have ever done: Purposely broke a valuable thing in anger. I seldom get that angry and everyone’s jaw dropped.

The most terrifying experience: Won’t say, but it was emotionally terrifying for months.

My favorite place in Chicagoland, or thing about Chicago: Driving toward the skyline, very late at night.