David Sander

Position | Lead NetAdmin, Chicago

David Sander - Fun

I grew up in Melrose Park, IL where my parents still reside today in the same house I grew up in. Both my parents are retired and my brother lives in Ohio where I have two nieces ages 2 and 4, and one nephew who just turned 6. As far as my education, it took me a while after high school to decide what I wanted to do and I finally decided on Elmhurst College where I completed my 4 year degree in computer Information Systems. In my spare time I enjoy going to concerts and seeing live music. Recently I have started to listen to vinyl and bought my first record player late last year. Watching sports would be my second biggest passion and my two favorite teams are the Chicago Blackhawks and Bears.

My favorite thing about MotherG? The Team I work with

My Favorite hobby is: Going to see live music/concerts

My favorite place to eat? Changarro Cocina in West Chicago

My favorite place to go? Space in Evanston

My favorite place to travel? Not sure yet I need to travel more

My most exciting experience is: Being an Uncle for first time

My favorite movie of all time is: Wedding Crashers

If I could be any one, I would be: Abe Lincoln

Funniest thing that ever happened to me: It might be funny to other people but have you ever forgot where you parked your car? Getting older doesn’t help.

The most surprising thing I have ever done: Not sure about this question but I do love surprises.

The most terrifying experience: Parents would let me watch scary movies when I was younger so staying home all alone for first time when I was younger.

Secretly, I… Want to be a rock star or play in front of 10,000 screaming fans.

My favorite place in Chicagoland, or thing about Chicago: Space in Evanston, IL. Best place to see live music in Chicago