Dave Davenport

Position | CEO, Chicago

Dave Davenport - Fun

Dave is a super competitive guy who believes anything that can be a race is fun. Notably, he enjoys racing sailboats and does so most weekends when the lakes are not frozen. Otherwise, you can find him golfing or watching his children play soccer. He loves to cook and is always willing to entertain a group. He even fires up the grill at the office! If there was a contest for most creative usage of metaphors, he would win first place (seriously- ask anyone!)

Before MotherG, Dave ran sales for TransTech and marketing for BancTec. Dave graduated with a MIS degree from University of South Florida, and an MBA from University of Chicago.

My favorite thing about MotherG? I love the culture that our team has developed – fun, accountable, client centric, tribal in our care and concern for each other.

My Favorite hobby is: I like to build things and remodel.

My favorite place to eat? Any French bistro, especially in France!

My favorite place to go? Lake Beulah, Wisconsin

My favorite place to travel? Anywhere in Europe.

My most exciting experience is: Racing Melges 20 sailboats on Biscayne Bay with Olympic sailors as my crew, with winds over 30 mph

My favorite movie of all time is: Star Wars Episode 4: A new Hope (Geek!)

If I could be any one, I would be: An Olympic Gold Medalist

The most terrifying experience: Cleaning up after my dog after she ate the wrong food!

Secretly, I… Love to cook.

My favorite place in Chicagoland, or thing about Chicago: We are a big bustling city, yet the people act like old neighbors.  Easy to talk to, willing to help, and generally nice.  You see this best on Saturday mornings when only the locals are around.