Daniel Oh

Position | Service Operations Lead, Chicago

Daniel Oh - Fun

One of Daniel’s favorite elective classes in high school was Art. He would frown with disgust at the drafting class across the hallway and wonder why anyone wanted to draw lines all day with rulers and triangles. So boring. Fate had it that he ended up taking drafting class out of necessity and found out not only was he very good at it, he enjoyed it and finished at the top of his class.

Lesson learned: Never judge anything without trying it at least once!

Almost 20 years later Daniel continues to try to live by that philosophy. It has helped him as a human being and as an engineer. There is always more than one way to accomplish a task and many ways to approach a problem or situation, especially in IT. MotherG allows Daniel to work with a group of talented engineers and solution architects who provide a depth of experience in diverse technologies, methodologies and approaches that yield the optimal solutions for clients. He enjoys being part of a team that delivers sound advice and outstanding support to clients based on their unique needs.