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Done well, managed IT services support model makes technology work without interruption. Safe, stable computing platform that drives an organization to higher productivity and efficiency.

Let’s face it, whose business can operate without technology anymore. The computer network is the vascular systems of a business, facilitating all parts of an organization to transform materials and effort into cash. Great technology can transform a business, pushing it to new levels of competitive performance.

"MotherG keeps our technology running smooth and our staff operating efficiently! Their guidance and strategic planning is a huge plus. We enjoy working with their friendly IT support team. We can always count on them."

-Tom B.

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Let us take IT off your plate:

Our IT services and IT support are focused on the client experience.
We make sure our clients are getting the best technology support with the best service.

Monitor & Collect.

The entire technology infrastructure is monitored 24x7 to alert any impending problems so they can be fixed before outages occur. Backup all data and systems, offsite. Scan for viruses. Monitor perimeter security, prevent attacks. Collect and report all this in real time gauges and reports for technical staff review.

Define Technology Expectations.

Meet with the client leadership team to understand challenges, how technology gets in the way. Define a wish list of their operation in a perfect world. Understand the questions that if answered, could change the business significantly.

Preventative Maintenance
& Best Practices.

Using data collected from systems and IT support team, implement Best Practices to reduce noise, prevent problems. Identify keys technology challenges and implement proactive solutions. Assess user experience.

Gather & Report Data.

Mash data from automated monitoring systems, Best Practices, client log files, user problems, and business expectations into actionable reports that paint the picture for the client of how their technology is currently meeting (or missing) the needs of the organization.

Fix Problems.

Immediate, 24x7 help desk response and IT support to any user or system generated issue. Remediate with a focus on the end user experience, ensuring we focus on getting you what you need, not just fixing a technical problem.

Strategize With You.

Review the current and desired expectations for the business. Discuss how technology will enable, in part, the desired results. Develop the go-forward plans with you, including any potential investment budgets. 

Evolve & Excel.

Transform the technology to the business needs. Gain the highest value, lowest total cost for the operation.

How we deliver the best
IT support and IT services in Chicago

Technology Strategy

Large organizations have a technology leader who interfaces with the operational and strategic leaders of the organization ensuring that the needs of the business are reflected in the technology capabilities. Not just meeting the needs, but at times, enhancing and improving opportunities with greater functionality. 

MotherG provides this same level of leadership to smaller organizations with our virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer). The vCIO works with the leadership team to identify risks and opportunities, to align business with technology, arriving at an appropriate technology strategy to guide the organization’s development. 

The vCIO is a corporate sounding board to explore ideas and explain issues and risks. He ensures that each organization has harmonic results with expectations and needs.

Benefits of Strategic Guidance:

  • Excellent executive reports on the current state of technology
  • Risks points
  • Areas of focus for business performance improvement
  • Plan aligned with a budget for the coming year

In an ongoing capacity, the vCIO checks in with the leadership on a monthly basis to review results and current concerns, answer any questions, discuss ideas, and address any concerns.  The vCIO will also provide requisition and sourcing services to ensure the organization gets the best technology at the best price – be they major endeavors such as a financial package selection or smaller needs like a new laptop.

Reactive Response

Fixing computer problems is “entrance to the game”. More commonly referred to as the Help Desk or IT support team, every support organization must be available to answer user questions and fix problems. 

MotherG takes this to a higher level. Not only do we develop core best practices to solve problems more quickly, we address root cause to find the underlying problems that can prevent the problems from occurring again.

We embrace the fact that excellent problem solving must also be blended with excellent people skills. This group is most commonly working with end users, either in person or over the phone. 

How we approach the client greatly impacts how well we solve the problem, and how the client feels after working with us.

We are always available for our clients – 24x7, every day of the year. Our goal is to answer our phone on the second ring, and immediately begin solving your problems. We take IT support seriously.

Professional Services

Well managed technology requires upgrades, enhancements and replacements at times.  MotherG performs these tasks with the same excellence as our other services.

We have overriding project management to ensure each engagement occurs as planned, problems are resolved quickly, and the results are achieved to the needs of the organization. Consistency and quality while on-time are hallmarks of our professional services team.

In some cases, a client might have a problem that extends beyond the skill of the Reactive Team. Or the client might even have a disaster such as a server failure or even a fire or flood. The issue may warrant more resources with greater expertise than the normal operations demand. 

In these cases, MotherG will form a SWAT team to quickly plan and execute a remediation. In any case, the Professional Services team is available as the ultimate expert in any given technology, be it a planned event or unplanned emergency.

Technical Account Management.

Each client is assigned their very own expert, the Technical Account Manager. This individual will understand the unique setup and operation of the business for the client. He will know how the various pieces come together, understanding what the client needs and expects from the technology. 

They are charged with interrogating the systems to ensure they have been aligned with our Best Practices for operation and management. The implementation and management of the Best Practices is the core responsibility of the TAM and is intended to result in the light-switch technology vision for the client. 

TAM is also a point of reference and escalation to the Reactive Team in case they are unsure how to solve a problem.  The TAM coordinates with the vCIO for planning and risk mitigation analysis.

With regularly scheduled visits every 4-6 weeks, the TAM becomes part of the client team, interfacing with the management team to ensure all systems are meeting the needs of the client, answering questions and addressing problems. 

Proactive Technology Management

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