Award Winning IT Services Provider in Chicago

Since 2006, MotherG leads the industry by making small and mid-sized business clients happy with excellent technology. We provide IT managed services for thousands of computers and servers across metro Chicago.  We’re not the typical computer support company though. 

Our mission is to eliminate the problems before they happen to maximize the productivity of our clients. Our brand of IT support places the client experience first. We focus on alignment of technology with business needs so that you have the best tool for your unique business needs.

We ensure that technology is an enabler and not a distractor from getting your core business done. 

"With my old IT managed services provider, I used to watch over their every move. Now that I have MotherG as our IT managed services partner I have total confidence in their technical expertise."

-Steve T.

The benefits of MotherG's IT services in Chicago:

Reduce The Cost Of technology.

Disruptions take users away from their job, slowing them down, reducing productivity. MotherG will reduce your costs – dramatically – from what you spend today. Ask us about cost analysis.

Improve Performance.

IT Support should do more than react fast. You need technology to improve business results. MotherG will drive greater performance of your key assets – people and machines – to achieve the highest performance.

Safe and Secure Environment.

Sleep well at night, knowing MotherG is vigilantly watching your network at all times. We are preventing attacks, thwarting the hackers from taking your systems hostage. In the event of a fire or any other disaster, your data and all software are protected and ready for rescue.

Longterm View.

MotherG will keep you abreast of the latest trends in tech. We will ensure your systems meet today's needs and align with the future direction of the organization.

"MotherG was able to assist me in meeting a very important deadline for my client. We have a grateful client thanks to MotherG's IT services and diligent efforts. It’s nice to have an IT managed services provider that knows their stuff and is always willing to go the extra mile."

-Andy G.

Our IT services and support solutions
address the following functional areas:

We have your back. We take care of your systems. We prevent issues, keeping everything running smoothly.
We keep you focused on the business, accelerating your performance.


Your network and data are critical assets to your business; they must be kept safe and secure. MotherG provides a comprehensive security suite from perimeter firewall management to server and workstation security policy and software management. We provide Anitvirus and malware tools, DNS and content filtering, perimeter security management, and the corresponding monitoring and administration to mitigate issues and prevent intrusions.


MotherG manages the physical and logical networking essential to smooth operations of your technology. We provide IT support and IT services that will map the performance for both local and wide area networks for all locations and to the internet. We provide the best solution to ensure you have the necessary connections at all times.

Data Protection.

Your data is protected and secure from loss without comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity subsystems. We provide all the software for your server backups, the local device to house all backups, the cloud storage for all offsite backups of data, testing to ensure the backups are working, and if needed, a failover solution that would allow all servers to operate offsite in case of a major disaster such a sa fire or flood. We monitor and manage every aspect of this ecosystem 24x7.

Cloud Computing Hosting and Support.

Cloud technology offers many capabilities to your operations.  We will align various cloud offerings including email, voice, data protection, server hosting, application as a service, and many more solutions to enable clients to reach new operating heights. Talk to a MotherG cloud expert.

Line of Business Software Assistance.

MotherG will work with you and your software vendors to ensure smooth, productive operations. We will assist in optimizing your packages while looking for enhancements and refinements to make your operation as competitive as it can be.

Email and Messaging.

Your email and messaging subsystem will be managed to ensure reliable up time and fast response. We offer integration to related applications that can benefit from messaging support. MotherG can augment the operation with capabilities like text, instant messaging, and presence detection. All to make your team more productive and collaborative.

Mobile & Mobility Support.

Find a spot where mobility is not present. Its ubiquitous. Yet most organizations do virtually nothing to manage their mobile device connections. Beware – this is a growing spot of security threat. MotherG can manage all your mobile connections to reduce threats and improve the user experience.

Portal Support.

Many businesses find that workflow automation and portal technology can reduce cost and improve team performance. MotherG is here to assist in improving collaboration and automation to meet new business opportunities and reduce operating costs.

Server Administration.

Just like a car or other mechanical devices, your computers need regular care and upkeep to ensure reliable operation. Our team will manage all aspects of your servers and association operating systems to ensure stable, high performance operation. This includes Active Directory administration, policy design and deployment, user add, change and deletes, log file maintenance, and related tasks. We implement a comprehensive suite of Best practices that facilitate smooth operations.

Telephony Solutions.

MotherG works with VOIP, Lync, and Skype to align client communication needs with the best capabilities at the lowest cost. Our experts help align and manage those solutions.

"MotherG has complete command of our IT infrastructure. Their technical knowledge and outstanding customer service is impeccable.They shed positive light in an otherwise gloomy sea of mediocre IT managed services staff, mediocre infrastructure design and mediocre systems implementation present in other companies. Our entire team is impressed with the MotherG team."

-David H.

"Our system went down in the middle of our filing fuel tax for our customers. We told MotherG our situation and they knew how important this was to us. They gave us constant updates, encouraged us that everything would work out, and got it to work again! This could have been a disaster, but the MotherG team's knowledge, care, and patience guided us through."

-Elsie L.

Our clients rave about the professionalism of our IT consultants. Experts in all areas of technology, our IT consultants speak English with our clients reducing stress, and solving problems quickly. Making a client happy with technology requires more than just fixing problems.

First, prevent as many issues as possible. If a problem crops up, not only do we fix it quickly, reacting with swift IT support, but we also manage the human side of the problem. Usually, the user is frustrated, possibly angry. Our team is focused on ensuring that we push our support and IT services beyond problem resolution, but ultimately to make the client experience a happy one.

Reaching this goal is not easy. It’s why so many of our competitors fall short. It requires the right People following refined, efficient Processes to apply proven, effective Best Practices, with the best Technical Tools.