White Paper | Network Security

Security is boring! We are overrun with data on why it matters. But can it really affect my business? A virus? Who’s going to attack my server…really?

Well, we know of an organization where this exact scenario occured. Their server was attacked, and taken ransom. Because of the nature of the threat (posting child pornography on the server and reporting it to the FBI), and the fact that this organization was a medical practice where reputation was critical, the organization reported this threat to the FBI. The FBI immediately confiscated the entire server as evidence, leaving this business to run on a backup server. It took many months for the organization to get their server back. So, although the topic of security may be boring, the risks of poorly managed security technology and practices can be essential to your business surviving an attack.

The statistics are scary! Only 47% of the entire Internet traffic is Human Being driven. The rest (53%) of the traffic is automation. The vast majority is related to malicious activities like viruses, botnets, malware, etc. The computer and internet world is getting more dangerous every day. Compounding the problem, clients do not place enough emphasis on sound security policies. Passwords are almost universally weak and vulnerable. MotherG’s own studies find that over 75% of organizations assessed have inadequate malware protection. Commonly, firewall software is outdated, along with older hardware. There are loose policies around the use of the computer network.

6 Common Areas to Address Security Holes

  1. Gateway Security
  2. Endpoint Malware Protection
  3. Spam Protection Outside your Network
  4. Lockup the WiFi
  5. Sound Technology Management
  6. Business Policies