White Paper | Gambling With Your Business?

8 Tell Tale Signs Your Computer Network is in Trouble

Gambling is to wager on an uncertain outcome. Inherently it involves risk. MotherG has found many executives who were inherently gambling their business’s performance on technology. Unsure that the systems were OK, spending money uunnecessarily

Most executives would argue — maybe vehemently — that their computer network is fine. Maybe not perfect, but certainly good enough. How do you know? Simple question. “I have someone who is taking care of it.” “I get an email my backups are working.” “I outsourced that years ago, and we haven’t had any major issues.” Common responses.

What you don’t know would surprise you. After conducting hundreds of Technology Assessments, the data tells a very different story. One of insufficient backups, no power protection, almost non-existent security controls. Excessive costs and high risks are the by-product. And most commonly — an almost unilateral lack of strategic planning and advice on technology direction. Yet, the executives in charge of the technology decisions are smart people. How can this be?

High costs that result from poor technology are largely hidden. If your servers aren’t crashing and users can complete tasks, you have a false sense of security. Poor technology becomes part of the fabric of how you work. It becomes the norm. Staring at the hourglass waiting for your system is something we have all become accustomed to. We have come to expect IT support costs — internal or external. We recognize it as a necessary evil.

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