White Paper | Fab Four

What every business needs to know about their IT


IT is frustrating. Confusing. A necessary evil. However you feel about IT, the truth is that for the vast majority of businesses, it’s essential to the success of your organization. You simply must have IT that works.

But what does IT that works mean? Yes your computer needs to turn on, and you can’t have it crashing frequently. However, we all know there is much more to IT than what is in front of us every day. But life is busy and we assume that if our technology is functioning day to day, it must be fine, right?

Unfortunately it’s not fine. The fact is that 92% of small and mid-sized businesses have at least one major, potentially destructive, issue with their IT. This means at any time, a small or mid-sized business like yours could lose everything because of a problem you didn’t even know about.

The “behind the scenes” of IT doesn’t have to be overwhelming or unsettling. In fact, just by learning four simple aspects of business IT you can feel empowered to talk to your IT partner and ask if you have IT that works.

In order to help businesses identify the key areas of IT that are “cannot miss this”, MotherG developed our Fab Four of IT – what every business needs to know about their technology. These four are Power Management, Disk Redundancy (RAID), Malware Protection, and Backups.

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