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About Us 

About MotherG

Changing the status quo

We're shocked at the state of technology in the world of small business today. Slow computers, recurring problems, flakiness, email issues, viruses, on and on. What’s even more shocking is that business leaders accept this as the norm – the status quo! It stinks! It doesn’t have to be!

Flip the switch. It's on.

We're on a mission to change the status quo. That's why clients love MotherG's Light Switch IT – technology that works just like a light switch. Proactive support, not reactive. You get a team of experts following proven Best Practices, delivering continuous preventive care, updating software, security and virus protection, and developing and executing a well-designed technology plan.

MotherG is a fun, award-winning team of committed technologists who are dedicated to radically improving your computer experience.

Why the Goofy Name?

As a spinoff of TransTech IT Staffing, we initially called ourselves TransTech Consulting Services. In 2007, we admitted that the name was boring, unoriginal and sounded like the name of every other mediocre tech company.

As we noodled around new names, we kept thinking about our core value to clients: always there, 24/7; providing great advice; watching over and protecting them; preventing issues before they become problems; leveraging our experience. The obvious word that came to mind is “Mother,” Guardians of your technology. (We added guardianship to emphasize protection and oversight.)

And the logo? That’s an all seeing eye, watching over you, protecting you. The moon and the sun represent 24/7 guardianship.

Core Values  

MotherG Core Values

Be A Tribe.

We are a group of people who share the same beliefs and mission – to make our clients happy with excellent technology.  We do this together, helping each other learn and excel in all areas of our value delivery.  When we have issues, we face them, talk it through, and overcome obstacles.  We celebrate our successes. We share our failures. We learn and grow together.

Love Our Clients.

We are defined by our caring attitude.  We understand that getting the technology right is important, but it's more important to focus on the experience of our clients.  Since we love our clients, we must know them. Being the most technical isn’t as important as knowing the right thing to do that help our clients. When we know our clients, we can provide them with the best service. 

Doing What’s Right.

We go beyond what is necessary and look for the deeper improvements or extra effort that result in a happy client, co-worker or better MotherG.  We will do what is needed to ensure client happiness – getting up in the middle of the night to prevent a pending server failure, or staying late to resolve a client’s urgent issue.  We dig deep into problems and opportunities to extend our performance.  It's important that we do our best to offer the best solutions to our client’s needs.   

Doing It Right.

We strive to provide excellent solutions but doing so with efficient execution.  We leverage the tribe to deliver the highest value to our clients.  We don’t do band-aids or workarounds or half-assed jobs, even if the clients suggests it, or is OK with that approach.  We make the right choice, and we implement it thoroughly, efficiently, effectively.  Blame is not our thing.  Rather, we own up to our mistakes quickly so they can be rectified.  We learn how to prevent that mistake in the future.  And when we learn something new, we communicate this to the team to help others avoid these mistakes in the future.  We do not hide our mistakes – we open them up for others to observe, comment and learn. 

Be Accountable. 

Be the type of person we count on.  In our words and actions, people need to know we will follow through on our commitments.  Being trustworthy is entrance to the game - being someone who does what he says he will do is what we must all work toward.  We refuse to allow issues to fester.  We commit to action, and then do all we can to execute to that commitment.  Further, we hold our peers accountable to their commitments.  The idea of “letting someone off the hook” does not apply here.  If it's important, it gets done – regardless of who committed to do it.  

We’re Fun and a Little Quirky.

Our job is important. What we do directly impacts the success or failure of our clients. It’s a big deal.  However, that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.  We accept that MotherG has a distinctly loveable, even quirky personality that is enjoyable for everyone.  So, just be yourself and have a ball!

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